Virtual Open Day

Welcome to St Andrew’s Virtual Open Day. Ordinarily, I would welcome parents and visitors to school, share a presentation and personally take you on a tour of the school. Last year, I asked Year 6 pupils to take parents on a school tour. Sadly, this is not possible this year because of the restrictions caused by the Covid outbreak. Therefore, I am going to endeavour to give you a flavour of life at St Andrew’s through the medium of the internet. I hope you enjoy the tour.


This is a message from Mr Hayward, St Andrew’s headteacher.

Enrichment activities are an important aspect of what we do at St Andrew’s. We work hard to provide the children with experiences that may not always be possible in school. We love being outdoors, performing on stage and celebrating together. Every year we have taken children to the Isle of Man, Laches Wood Outdoor Residential Centre, the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and the Young Voices concert. Here are a few of the things we have done over the years.

Our School Values

We have five values or principles we hold dearly at St Andrew’s. They are:


We believe, respect for oneself, for classmates, for teachers, families and for learning are key to being successful at St Andrew’s. We endeavour to show respect through our actions and words.


We believe in possibilities, that, with the right conditions, children and adults alike can thrive and flourish. We feel, a sense of achievement leads to contentment and confidence.


The happiness and mental and emotional well-being of our children are vital to their successes in school. Feeling good about yourself, others and the world in which we live, is an important part of growing up.


As children start to believe in themselves, they begin to grow in confidence. The confidence:

  • To speak out and be heard
  • To not speak out but still feel valued
  • To be resilient and not give up easily – to understand, sometimes things are difficult or demand attention
  • To perform and to be creative
  • To accept the person you are.


A sense of belonging is important at St Andrew’s. Families working together, sort things out and celebrate each-others’ successes. We strive to foster a family atmosphere in school, where children feel safe and valued.

A Day In The Life…

The video clip below was taken on Wednesday 11th November 2020. It was taken over a period of about one hour. It is a truthful representation of what you might find going on at St Andrew’s. On this particular day, Year 6 children were outside enjoying a PE lesson, Reception children were making thumb pots out of clay, Class 4 children were enjoying class orchestra, Class 5 children were enjoying forest school and other children were being taught in their classes. The video also has close-ups of displays. We like to celebrate the children’s creativity and put them on display. These are the sorts of things you would see during a visit. We hope you enjoy a typical day at St Andrew’s.

Meet The Head…

If you would like the “meet” Mr Hayward, please contact the school office to make an appointment.

The telephone number is 01889 228769

The email address is

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