Trips and Visits​

  Autumn Spring Summer
Reception Birches Valley Wolseley Garden Centre
Year 1 Birches Valley Ancient High House Sea Life Centre
Year 2 Birches Valley Chester Zoo Sea Life Centre
Year 3 Birches Valley Hanley Museum Village Walk and Picnic
Year 4 Laches Wood Residential Think Tank  No Visit
Year 5 Leicester Space Centre  Victorian Experience  Local River Study
Year 6 Imperial War Musuem No visit Isle of Man Residential

To save parents money we now invite companies into school to perform pantomimes for the children in the school hall.

Other visitors

Throughout the school year we ask people to visit our school. In the past we have asked olympic atheletes (eg Alison Williamson – archery), a record breaking rock climber (Ben Heason), authors (eg Barbara Mitchelhill), animal handlers, the army, fire fighters and a retired science teacher (who regularly visits to teach fantastic science lessons) are amongst some of our visitors.