Vision Statement

At St Andrew’s, we believe that art and design is essential and valuable to the development of every child.

Art allows our children to follow their imagination and creativity, to make connections through their inventive minds and give them the skills to record their own unique ideas.

Art encourages expression and visual thinking; it develops observational skills and language acquisition to inspire and expand the cultural capital of each child.

 “Art has the role in education of helping children to become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.” Sydney Gurewitz Clemens. 

Intent Statement

We intend to provide a high-quality art and design education that engages, inspires and challenges every child and is underpinned by our Christian values; Respect, service, perseverance, fellowship, compassion and thankfulness. 

We encourage our children to; 

  • Think about how art makes them feel and how it can contribute to their wellbeing.
  • Plan and produce creative artwork by exploring their ideas and recording their own experiences. 
  • Become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art and design techniques. 
  • Discuss and evaluate creative works using the rich language of art and design. 
  • Understand the historical and cultural development of art forms.
  • Take inspiration from a diverse range of great artists, including those who have faced and challenged discrimination or prejudice.

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