Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At St Andrew’s, we believe that creating an inclusive and enabling environment is essential in promoting high standards of early years’ education. Within our practice we encourage children to have freedom to make informed choices and take controlled risks. We believe that allowing children to have the freedom to explore is vital as it allows them to develop their personality, curiosity, imagination, language and social skills. These are all skills that will help them to create their own understanding of a complex world.

We believe that within early years we should foster a love for learning and exploration, allowing children the freedom to play and explore in order to make sense of the world around them.

We believe that creating an inclusive environment means that every single child will be valued, cared for and supported in order to help them to progress regardless of physical barriers, language barriers or abilities.
Our intention within the Early Years Foundation Stage is to be a caring school that enables children to succeed as unique individuals and celebrates their achievements. We strive for a place where the children are inspired and develop interests in learning for life, within a happy, creative and secure environment.
Foundation Stage is the start of the children’s school life and we intend to create strong foundations which embed good attitudes for learning. These foundations are the building blocks to support children on their journey through a happy and successful life in education.


At St Andrew’s, the ways will deliver our Early Years curriculum include;

  • Creating a stimulating learning environment which ensures each child achieves their full potential underpinned by The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and guided by the Development Matters publication.
  • Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and our timetable is carefully structured to include regular, rigorous direct teaching in phonics, reading and maths.
  • Our curriculum is implemented through our school drivers, Diversity and Wellbeing in order to embrace our differences and understand a wealth of cultures.
  • We strive to maintain a safe, caring, happy community where every child matters and each child feels safe, nurtured, loved and supported, leading them on to live safe, secure and happy, healthy life styles.
  • Nurturing the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of each individual for life.
  • Building strong partnerships with families to create a welcoming school. Giving the children a sense of belonging to school and the wider community.
  • Fostering a sense of awe and wonder and develop natural curiosity, so children enjoy learning in and out of school.
  • Encouraging our children to believe in themselves, while equipping them with the fundamental skills to enjoy and achieve in life.
  • Provide opportunities for all of the children to develop a wide acquisition of language.
  • Teach children about Christian traditions and incorporate our Christian values into their lives, whilst developing an understanding of major world religions and ways of life.


  • Our children in the EYFS develop a lifelong love of learning.
  • Our children show and understand our Christian values; Respect, Compassion, Thankfulness, Service, Perseverance and Fellowship.
  • Our children enjoy both adult guided and independent learning and are inquisitive and active learners.
  • Our children understand high expectations for learning and behaviour at school.
  • Informative methods of assessment are in place and ensure our children flourish in our EYFS provision.
  • The impact of our EYFS provision is reflected in having happy, confident learners transitioning into Year One.