Coronavirus Information

Visitor Charter

While there is a COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and of course the children in school. Therefore, we have produced a Visitor Charter that clearly explains the expectations we have when visitors enter school. Please read the charter before making your visit.

Visitor Charter – Autumn 2020

Parent Charter

This is what we would like parents to consider when bringing children to school. Please read the charter before making your visit.

Parent Charter – March 2021

Pupil Charter

This is a list of things we would like the children to consider when in school.

Pupil Charter – March 2021

Our Risk Assessment

We are committed to keeping your children safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, risk assessments have been written in an attempt to reduce the risk of children and adults catching COVID-19.

To view our general risk assessment online as a PDF, click on the link below.
General Risk Assessment COVID-19 October 2021

Remote Learning Information

During lockdown and the closure of bubbles in school, there will be times when children are at home. At these times, the children’s education will have to continue from home. Click on the link below for me information about these arrangements.

Remote Education Information – January 2021

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