Reading Schemes

At St Andrew’s we believe reading is at the heart of learning. We have invested significantly in quality reading books for the children.

The children’s reading journey starts in Willow Class. The children are introduced to Letters and Sounds and so begin to read and say single letter sounds. This progresses through 6 phases into Year 2.

When the children are ready in Willow Class they are introduced to their first phonics book. We have researched a number of reading book suppliers and have chosen Collins Big Cat books as our scheme of choice. The scheme offers a broad range of reading experiences, is structured to follow the National Curriculum and carefully develops your child’s reading skills. Most importantly, the stories, poems and information they contain are thoroughly enjoyable and interesting.

Throughout their time at St Andrew’s we encourage the children to read other books of their own choosing. We hold two very popular book fairs each year, support the library bus that comes to Weston and ask the children to join their local library.

We ask parents and carers to take a keen interest in their child’s reading. We request that the younger children read 5 times a week and the older children 3 times a week.

We also believe reading isn’t just about reading schemes. Reading is the art of enjoying books, finding out about our world, going back in time, discovering new universes and realising alternative possibilities.