Vision Statement

At St. Andrew’s, we recognise the vital role of mathematics in helping children to understand the world around them, enabling their curiosity and ability to critically think, reason and persevere. By providing a highly-effective and progressive journey of mathematics throughout our school, we will build children’s proficiency with essential mathematical knowledge and skills, as well as nurturing their confidence, courage and resilience for solving a wide range of problems. Pupils’ maths learning will be underpinned by a deep understanding of the connections in and across mathematicsas well as with other subjects, and to everyday situations. Mastering these fundamentals will create successful learners and thinkerswho are well-prepared to flourish in their next stages in education and beyond. 

Intent Statement

Why do we teach this / what are we trying to achieve?  

  • Curriculum Design in Mathematics 

Our challenging and carefully-designed maths curriculum will enable all pupils to make effective progress and secure their potential to master the standard of mathematical proficiency in line with the National Curriculum 2014 and Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2020. 

  • Maths Attitudes 

We strive to inspire in pupils a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about all aspects of mathematics, understanding its relevance and importance in everyday life and for their futures. 

  • Arithmetic Fluency 

At each stage of their mathematical journey, pupils will further build upon their strong foundation of arithmetic skills, striving to achieve mathematical recall with automaticity, as well as using and applying efficient strategies across all operations with fluency and understanding. 

  • Deep, Conceptual Learning  

Our pupils will gain a deep level of understanding behind the mathematical concepts that they learn, securing a ‘mastery’ of the curriculum, and allowing them to forge and utilise links between different areas of maths, as well as across the wider curriculum (for example within science and technology). 

  • Thinking and Reasoning 

We encourage and support our pupils in developing critical thinking and reasoning skills in mathematics. Our pupils will master the ability to communicate mathematical ideas clearly and draw upon an excellent knowledge and understanding of mathematical vocabulary (interconnecting with the development of strong English language skills). 

  • Problem Solving 

Pupils will be equipped with the mathematical skills and strategies, as well as behaviours such as perseverance, which are essential for solving increasingly complex problems in maths and in the world around them. 

  • Confident, Independent Learners  

Pupils will become independent learners who have the courage to take risks, try different approaches, and seek support when needed, as well as to use their own expertise to coach others. They will thrive upon challenges, and collaborate and communicate well with others. This will ensure that pupils secure excellent mathematical approaches that will make them well-equipped for the next stage in their education. 

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